• Home Facial Massage for younger skin

    Having been in the Beauty Profession for 32 years I have a wealth of knowledge to share with women to maintain a youthful completion.

    MY IDEA of massaging my face every night for 5 minutes over 21 days to see if there is a VISIBLE difference.

    When we make facial expressions, we’re essentially transmitting a packet of information that can be received, read and interpreted by others. By contracting or expanding our facial muscles in different degrees and combinations, we can produce thousands of different messages that provide cues to our overall emotional state, our short-term feelings about our immediate environment, our mental well-being, our personality and mood, our physical health, our creditability and whether or not we view others as being creditable.

    The smile — transmitted either consciously or subconsciously — is viewed across cultures as a sign of friendliness, especially when greeting someone. Frowns, too, are generally recognized as indicating sadness or disapproval.

    There are 43 muscles in the face, most of which are controlled by the seventh cranial nerve (also known as the facial nerve). This nerve exits the cerebral cortex and emerges from your skull just in front of your ears. It then splits into five primary branches: temporal, zygomatic, buccal, mandibular and cervical. These branches reach different areas of the face and enervate muscles that allow the face to twist and contort into a variety of expressions.

    However, nobody has really come up with a definitive number for how many muscles it takes to smile or frown — one person’s smile is another person’s smirk. Also, not everyone has the same number of facial muscles; some have more, enabling a wider range of expression, while some people actually have 40 percent fewer.

    The truth is that people smile — and frown — differently, even when presented with similar stimuli. There is an even wider range of variety when one begins using different expressive muscles for the eyes, mouth, nose and forehead.

    When we go to the GYM we give our muscles a work out to tear the muscle to tighten and firm different muscles of the body.

    With the face the elastin and collagen in the dermal layer (middle) cannot be replace, though with MASSAGE STIMLATION we can assist the muscles to plump up and rebuild. This sounds to me that we can maintain our youthful skin if we start to massage for 5 minutes in our early 30’s.

    It is never too late to start, I am 53 years old and look forward to seeing the results in 21 day. I will be starting today the 1st October 2013.

    In this picture you can see that we also stimulate the organ’s when we massage the face.

    Picture of the facial pressure points.

    Picture of the facial pressure points.





  • Organic Skincare Verses Chemical Based Products

    Women today are so confused when they go to buy skincare products. There is so many products available today at beauty salon, departments stores & online.  What is best, the one advertised on TV by a well known celebrate or shopping centre X Brand or do we go Natural & Organic will it give RESULTS??

    Are the products you use tested on animals (if you saw the pictures of trauma these animals go through you would STOP using those products).

    Our skin is the largest living organ of our body, do you want harsh chemical applied to your skin??

    Do you want these chemicals on your skin?

    • Artificial Preservatives
    • Parabens
    • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
    • Sodium Lauryl
    • Propylene Gylcol
    • Aluminum
    • Animal Derived Ingredients
    • Synthetic Colours
    • Chemical Fragrances
    • Petrochemicals

    Door of Youth Skin Care believes in Natural & Organic look at the benefits


    • Aloe Vera – rejuvenates the skin cells up to 8 times
    • Grapefruit Extracts – natural fragrance
    • Vitamin A – reduces wrinkles
    • Vitamin E – natural antioxidant
    • AHA or Glycolic Acid – derived from sugar cane
    • Lavender – healing & fragrance
    • Zinc Oxide – healing of skin wounds & firming skin tone

    Your facial skin is made up of three layers the epidermis (what we see), dermis (the middle layer) and subcutaneous layer (the third layer). Your skin, due to shedding of skin cells, replaces itself every 7 years. Actually, your skin sheds every 28-45 days, rejuvenating the epidermis and allowing the next generation of skin cells to come forward. What happens is we get a BUILD UP of DEAD SKIN CELLS this will make your skin look tired, uneven tone & fine wrinkles may appear. With young skin types they get blocked pores that forms pimples and scar tissue.

    We shed about 40 lbs of skin in a lifetime! The dead skin needs to be slough off to allow the new cells to the top.

    Glycolic Acid – Naturally sourced from bilberries, citrus fruits and sugar and containing alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). Glycolic Acid, which is made from sugar cane, has the smallest molecule of all the Alpha Hydroxy Acids which gives it the best permeability of all the AHA’s. It is also used as a vehicle for ingredients with larger molecules for better penetration. AHA Acids have caused a sensation recently as anti-wrinkle active ingredients. They loosen the intercellular ‘glue’, allowing new cells to come through more rapidly and stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin. The visible effect is a skin which looks fresher and younger. AHA acids help remove the surface skin cells, improving skin texture and color.  Skin is left feeling plump and glowing as the new skin layers are revealed. A cocktail of malic, tartaric and glycolic acid “skin rejuvenators”. The AHA acids directly counteract one of the main causes of wrinkles and dry skin: excessively thickened, hard skin as results from a slow regeneration process. The acids loosen the intercellular “glue” that holds the dead cells to the surface, allowing these to be shed more quickly and clearing the way for the growth of new cells. The skin appears fresher and smoother. Additionally, the skin is cleared of smaller irregularities or impurities – an effect welcomed by many women, especially at critical times of the month.

    Door of Youth uses natural Glycolic derived from sugar cane in a simple and highly effective daily skin care program. Glycolic is a natural substance found in basic foods plants and the human body.

    Despite its modern chemical name, the beneficial effects of AHA have been used for centuries. Cleopatra use to have her legendary milk baths and tales of woman using red wine baths to keep their skin youthful. Door of Youth NATURAL & ORGANIC SKIN CARE RICH in Glycolic as this is recognized as a key ingredient for addressing fine lines, wrinkles, open pores, acne, dryness, scar tissue, pigmentation and many other skin issues.


  • Feed the skin naturally


    Human beings are said to be the most rationale element in the nature’s web. And consequently the health and beauty of human beings is totally connected with the health and beauty of our natural surroundings. Although developed and modernized society has contributed many accomplishments for our day to day lives. But, it has also swamped our natural surroundings with a wide array of artificial chemicals and other contaminated wastes that is not only endangering for our environment but poses an adverse impact on our health as well.

    The substance we opt to consume (eat), as well as the merchandises we prefer to utilize, will have qualitative effects on our health and lifestyle. Thus, while selecting beauty and skincare products, one should keep in mind that whatever we put on our skin will most probably get into our body through pores found on our skin.


    Alas! Majority of widely used cosmetic and beauty products are endangered with mineral oils, man-made preservatives and other extremely processed and polluted constituents that are not at all good for your skin nor do they possess nourishing, revitalizing or therapeutic elements.

    With the passage of time and use, these non-organic skin care products make the skin look overburdening, lack-luster and lose its texture in an attempt to cope with these extraneous substances.

    Our body represents us, thus it is logical to take a good care of it in a very intellectual manner. We must cautiously choose the merchandise we plan to use on ourselves. In simple words, natural skin care products are more beneficial for our health as well as the environment.

    Good and safe natural skin care products are prepared with organic elements as proposed by nature and are manufactured in the way that they are free from mineral oils, man-made preservatives, added colors and scents, and various other substandard or injurious ingredients.

    By opting for top class real organic skin care products made with ingredients grown or raised without synthetic ingredients will assure you of getting nature’s care that is beneficial and, on top of everything, safe for your body as well as skin.

    That is why The Door of Youth Skincare are born in 2006.

    September Trial The Door of Youth 3 step 3 minute skincare for $9.00 (cond apply)



  • How to look fabulous when we reach our 40's

    As we age our skin starts to look dull, firmness disappears, the youthful glow is diminishing. Why does this happen & how can we look fabulous in our 40’s? Our facial skin is made up of three layers the epidermis (what we see), dermis (the middle layer) and subcutaneous layer (the third layer).

    Our skin, due to shedding of skin cells, replaces itself every 7 years. Your skin sheds every 28-45 days, rejuvenating the epidermis and allowing the next generation of skin cells to come forward. What happens is we get a BUILD UP of DEAD SKIN CELLS this will make our skin look tired, uneven tone & fine wrinkles may appear. With young skin types they get blocked pores that forms pimples and scar tissue. We shed about 40 lbs of skin in a lifetime! The dead skin needs to be slough off to allow the new cells to the top.

    If you want a more youthful skin use a product that is rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acid or Glycolic Acid, key ingredient in The Door of Youth skincare Naturally sourced AHA is made from sugar cane, has the smallest molecule of all the Alpha Hydroxy Acids which gives it the best permeability of all the AHA’s.

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  • Acne causes suicide in teenagers, there is a natural way to treat acne.

    With 32 years in the beauty profession, I am still learning each day and always reading Professional Beauty Magazine. It shocked me on Sunday when reading an leading Australian Magazine that teenagers ( overseas) have committed suicide from a lower income family as they couldn’t afford treatment for their children.
    One may think this is to the extreme; depression can cause a person to do many things.
    At that teenage years pimple or acne can start and parents want to help their teenage boy or girl as best as they can. Parent take there teenager to a chemist or a Doctor and follow their lead, as they can see the pain and suffering on their child face.
    Teenagers and peer group pressure, we always hear how the one with pimples/acne is picked on. The girl will cover up with heavy makeup, the boys will grow their hair so do their best at the cover up and have seen many wear foundation to cover up.
    SELF ESTEEM is affected and the person starts to get depressed. So the Doctor says “Let’s start Roacutane” this will clear up the acne and all will be good!! Or the great ProActiv is used as we see on TV this will clear the skin from acne like the stars. Also ProActiv it will remove the colour from the towels that are used like bleach, wonder what causes that. Benzoyl Peroxide this is the cause.

    What is a frighten aspect is Roacutane causes “DEPRESSION”
    I recommend reading this blog written by Naturopath Sam Beau Patrick. Sam has explained here in detail http://sambeaupatrick.com/roacutane-is-the-scarring-on-the-inside-worth-saving-the-scarring-on-the-outside/
    I recall my son having pimples at 16 years of age and he would always ask me to buy a supermarket range to clear up his skin that he saw advertised on TV. One day out shopping we had a look at this product and it was 100% chemical based and I said NO you will not use this on your skin. Continue Reading

  • Kelly Lowry Testimony

    Kelly Lowry has been in the beauty profession and formulator of an international skin care company. We are so excited that Kelly is a fan of The Door of Youth Skincare.

  • Renew your skin in 21 days

    Skin Renewal Serum apply 3 – 6 nights a week to get amazing results, buy today and at your door in 3-5 days. Retails at $48 last up to 4 months.

    Have a youthful day


  • How to use The Door of Youth Skincare

    Simple 3 step 3 minute skincare RICH in Glycolic to maintain and regain youthful skin.

  • Benefits of Microdermabrasion

    Benefits of Microdermabrasion – Regeneration confirmed in 2000 Dr Mark Rubin and  Dr Steven Greenbaum statement

    The results where an increase in the dermal layer, new collagen formation, renewed plumpness of the skin resulting in more youthful appearance. Positive effects of Microdermabrasion fines lines will diminish, acne or scar tissue soften, the epidermis will have a youthful glow & the dermal layer is stimulated which slows the aging.

    Improvement can be seen after 1 Microdermabrasion, a course of 6 is recommend over 12 weeks and then maintenance is 1 every 6-8 weeks.

    Microdermabrasion was introduced into the beauty services in the 1990’s.

    From the day we are born to the day we die the top layer of our skin dies every 24 days, unlike a snake that sheds is out layer of skin, we get a build up of dead skin cells.

    This over the years gives us a dull & lifeless looking skin. Fine lines appear, pigmentation darkens, pores more open, scar tissues looks deeper, skin looks dull. We use exfoliations or scrub these product just skim the surface.

    The 3 layers of the skin Epidermis – dermis – subcutaneous layer.

    Resurfacing treatments that create trauma to the skin have been replaced with the safe, rejuvenating, non – invasive approach of microdermabrasion, skin needling and IPL skin rejuvenation treatment.

    Preserving yout, microdermabrasion has the distinction of bringing new approach to skin care. Its ability to gently yet effectively refine & smooth the skin surface while stimulating the elastin & collagen in the dermal layer in the deeper layers of the skin.

    One main key to its success is the micro massage action of the treatment. While the focus is on the epidermis, the suction used to prepare the skin and remove the crystals stimulates blood flow with its essential nutrients & oxygen to nourish the skin & fortify the cells. The flushing movement generated below the surface by the lymph flow provides cleansing & balancing benefits.

    All skin types will benefit from microdermabrasion, from 14 yr old with acne to women in her 60’s. Instant results are seen after one treatment; as we have released the dead skin cells the serums & treatments applied with have deeper penetration giving greater benefits.

    Doing a facial with out preparing the skin with a micro, the dead skin cells are still there, serums & treatments will only sit on top of the dead skin cells not giving result that women want.

    What do women want RESULTS & we want it NOW

    Formulation of The Door of Youth Skincare: In 2006 I formulated my skin care the biggest challenge combining the correct ingredients to give maximun results.

    One of the key ingredients is sugar can or as people knows as AHA or Glycolic.

    Let me explain the benefits of using The Door fo Youth Skincare.  Each time you use a cleanser with AHA it is slowly buffing away the dead skin cells it has to be above 2.5 % to be off benefit, if the label does not show the % of AHA it will be of no value.

    Serums penetrate deeper them lotions or moisturizer.  Those rich in Aha when used at night, while you sleeping will gentle unglue the build up of dead skin cells, then in the morning cleansing with AHA cleanser will buff the dead skin cells giving a more youthful, even tone glow to the skin over a period of time.

    Results will be seen within 3 weeks when using The Door of Youth 3 step 3 minute skin care 100% natural and organic.

    Have a beauty question? email debbie@doorofyouth.com

    Have a youthful day

    Debbie Majella

    See my skin at 52 years old

    My skin at 52 years old after 6 years using TDOY

  • Natural skincare does give results.