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  • Renew your skin in 21 days

    Skin Renewal Serum apply 3 – 6 nights a week to get amazing results, buy today and at your door in 3-5 days. Retails at $48 last up to 4 months.

    Have a youthful day


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  • Christmas ~ Prepare your food & list

    Have completed my 21 day challenge to a more youthful complexion, self esteem & lifestyle. Has been a few challenges along the way as hubby has been on work holidays, his way of eating is 50% healthy so was naughty a few times.

    The thing about changing a habit if we have a bad day, don’t beat yourselves up about it, next day back on track.

    RECIPES for CHRISTMAS & write your food list for the day. First thing of thought of this morning (it is 5.45am on Tuesday 27th November 2012) write my Christmas food list, the food that I will want to serve on Christmas day.

    FOOD LIST: Ham ~ Turkey ~ Pork ~ Lamb ~ Potato Bake ~ Bean Salad ~ Beetroot Salad ~ Carrot Salad ~ Green Salad ~ Rice Salad ~ Cheese platter ~ Fruit Platter ~ Cheese cake home made (hubby does the best will post recipe next monday) Now we have 10 people coming for Christmas lunch so will plan the amount of food needed

    Then I do the shopping list, I like fresh flowers so will be going to the Cararra Markets on the Sunday before for fresh Red Flowers for each table ~ sure you have the idea here. Hey any question comment below and will reply.

    1 X 250 Packet frozen spinach thawed
    60 gm Olive Oil
    1 x onion finely chopped
    1 x garlic glove
    1 x small red capsicum finely chopped
    1 x cup milk
    4 x eggs lightly beaten
    1 x 125 gm fetta chesse crumbled
    1 x 2 table spoon parmesan cheese
    1 x 1/4 cup basil
    salt & pepper to taste

    Lightly grease 23 cm flan dish
    Squeeze out excess moisture from spinach in paper towels.
    Heat Olive oil in pan ass onion, garlic & capsicum: cook until onion soft then add spinach cook 1 minute.
    In large bowl beat eggs, add cheeses, salt & pepper ( fetta cheese is salty so not to much salt) then add spinach etc and stir well. Add to grease dish or pan.
    Cook in 180 C for 30 minutes serve warm or cold with leafy greens & tomatoes.

    On TDOY facebook page, click on Join My List. We will be emailing a Beauty, Health & Self Esteem Newletter first Monday of each month to those who subscribe plus some FREE goodies & competitions.

    Got some beauty question? Ask below, comment & share this blog with your friends.

    Until next week ” we are what we concentrate on & what we concentrate on grows”


    Debbie Majella Nolan

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  • Day 6 on 21 day challenge

    Here I am on day 6 and feeling great. I have noticed a BIG change in the tone of the skin on my body….what is so different to what I have done over the past 6 days to do this….

    A combination on a few changes I have made in my diet, self esteem program and most important…ATTITUDE to LIFE.

    Need a new direction of good habits in your life?? Come along on a 21 day journey to a youthful complexion, self esteem & healthy lifestyle.

    TAKES 21 DAYS TO FORM A HABIT……If I can do so can YOU!!

    The Youthful Queen 21 day Journey – Join now $210

    Want more information check out mentor page or call Debbie 0404 528 923

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  • Day 4 on 21 day challenge

    Here I am on day 4 of my 21 day journey to a more youthful complexion, self esteem & lifestyle.

    Have been to Zumba this week.
    Each day have read a motivational book for 1 hour.
    Daily Reading of Affirmation & Goals.

    Have started writing my book…Yahoo

    Healthy eating:
    Warm lemon drink every morning
    Breakfast: Scramble eggs or Uncle Toby Oats
    Lunch: Salad with egg or tuna
    Dinner: Salad or vegs (last night small piece of grilled salmon)

    Feeling lighter and have lost 1.5 kilos in 4 days….OMG

    Want to take yourself on a 21 day journey??

    The Youthful Queen Journey is $210. Receive 21 day journal, daily email, healthy meal ideas, self development program, weekly inspirational email & TXT messages, videos plus weekly skype or phone chat for 30 minutes.

    Be empowered in 21 days with The Youthful Queen.

    Email or CALL me NOW 0404528923

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