Why I choose Natural & Organic over chemical ingredients

Being in the Beauty Profession since I was 21 years old, I have used many different skincare products. It was in 2005 my awareness to the amount of chemicals & synthetic ingredients are in products that are market natural. Many of them say they are a mixture of nature and science or chemical free. They can be this but when one starts to read the ingredients you will discover that these ingredients you don’t want on your skin;

Here is a list of chemicals that you don’t want in your skin care.

 Artificial Preservatives
 Parabens
 Sodium Laureth Sulfate
 Sodium Lauryl
 Propylene Gylcol
 The list goes on
 Aluminium
 Animal Derived Ingredients
 Colours
 Fragrances
 Petrochemicals

This is what you want to have in your skin care;

 Aloe Vera – rejuvenates the skin cells up to 8 times
 Grapefruit Extracts – natural fragrance
 Vitamin A – reduces wrinkles
 Vitamin E – natural antioxidant
 AHA or Glycolic Acid – derived from sugar cane
 Lavender – healing & fragrance
 Zinc Oxide – healing of skin wounds & firming skin tone

Each day the average woman can apply from 515++ chemicals to the skin. Can we get away from chemicals 100%, yes we can if we choose to buy 100% natural or organic skin care, body care, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant etc.

In 2012 our lives are active and we just grab what is on the shelves and sometimes the natural & organic is more expensive.

Since 2006 I have use The Door of Youth Skin Care 3 step 3 minute skincare & for 52 years young my skin looks great.

Sunday Mail July 22 Body & Soul: From the Age of 40, all women should have at least one alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) product in their twice daily routine, as well as one that contains either Vitamin A & peptides.

TDOY Natural & Organic skincare is one of these products.

Until next time have a youthful day and if you have any questions on beauty without chemicals email me at debbie@doorofyouth.com


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