Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Benefits of Microdermabrasion – Regeneration confirmed in 2000 Dr Mark Rubin and  Dr Steven Greenbaum statement

The results where an increase in the dermal layer, new collagen formation, renewed plumpness of the skin resulting in more youthful appearance. Positive effects of Microdermabrasion fines lines will diminish, acne or scar tissue soften, the epidermis will have a youthful glow & the dermal layer is stimulated which slows the aging.

Improvement can be seen after 1 Microdermabrasion, a course of 6 is recommend over 12 weeks and then maintenance is 1 every 6-8 weeks.

Microdermabrasion was introduced into the beauty services in the 1990’s.

From the day we are born to the day we die the top layer of our skin dies every 24 days, unlike a snake that sheds is out layer of skin, we get a build up of dead skin cells.

This over the years gives us a dull & lifeless looking skin. Fine lines appear, pigmentation darkens, pores more open, scar tissues looks deeper, skin looks dull. We use exfoliations or scrub these product just skim the surface.

The 3 layers of the skin Epidermis – dermis – subcutaneous layer.

Resurfacing treatments that create trauma to the skin have been replaced with the safe, rejuvenating, non – invasive approach of microdermabrasion, skin needling and IPL skin rejuvenation treatment.

Preserving yout, microdermabrasion has the distinction of bringing new approach to skin care. Its ability to gently yet effectively refine & smooth the skin surface while stimulating the elastin & collagen in the dermal layer in the deeper layers of the skin.

One main key to its success is the micro massage action of the treatment. While the focus is on the epidermis, the suction used to prepare the skin and remove the crystals stimulates blood flow with its essential nutrients & oxygen to nourish the skin & fortify the cells. The flushing movement generated below the surface by the lymph flow provides cleansing & balancing benefits.

All skin types will benefit from microdermabrasion, from 14 yr old with acne to women in her 60’s. Instant results are seen after one treatment; as we have released the dead skin cells the serums & treatments applied with have deeper penetration giving greater benefits.

Doing a facial with out preparing the skin with a micro, the dead skin cells are still there, serums & treatments will only sit on top of the dead skin cells not giving result that women want.

What do women want RESULTS & we want it NOW

Formulation of The Door of Youth Skincare: In 2006 I formulated my skin care the biggest challenge combining the correct ingredients to give maximun results.

One of the key ingredients is sugar can or as people knows as AHA or Glycolic.

Let me explain the benefits of using The Door fo Youth Skincare.  Each time you use a cleanser with AHA it is slowly buffing away the dead skin cells it has to be above 2.5 % to be off benefit, if the label does not show the % of AHA it will be of no value.

Serums penetrate deeper them lotions or moisturizer.  Those rich in Aha when used at night, while you sleeping will gentle unglue the build up of dead skin cells, then in the morning cleansing with AHA cleanser will buff the dead skin cells giving a more youthful, even tone glow to the skin over a period of time.

Results will be seen within 3 weeks when using The Door of Youth 3 step 3 minute skin care 100% natural and organic.

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See my skin at 52 years old

My skin at 52 years old after 6 years using TDOY

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