Come read my WHY behind Door of Youth Skincare

Want to share my story with you today. When I was in my teens I had pimples and use to make home masks to help clear the skin. Always amazed me why we got pimple on our face and not our bum.

Searching for a career in my 20’s I did beauty therapy, not knowing back then it would lead me to formulate a Skincare product. You may ask HOW do you do this? With researching the benefits of ingredients and what healing properties they have for the skin. What products blend together to boost each ingredient. Like making a cake with no recipe you have to experiment and research. Also in 2006 having been in the beauty profession for 26 years there was a lot of knowledge recorded in my mind.

When a Skincare company says ” Results will be seen in 21 days” most women say SURE show me!!

We have proof with our before and after photo, video and testimonies.

WANT the real proof ?? TRY it yourself then you will be giving our company a testimony.

What makes Door of Youth skin care work? Glad you asked this question.

It is the combination of blending the key ingredients, and SUGAR CANE is the key which is known as GLYCOLIC. From 5% in the foaming cleanser to 12.5% in the revitalising serum. Which is the highest in a home serum treatment on the market today from a NATURAL source.

Also if you only new what you are using on your skin right now and testing done on animals for you to use a chemical base product you would be throw it all in the bin.

Don’t believe me google testing Skincare on animals, will make you sick in the stomach.

Door of Youth Skincare is testing on real people, that now are fans.

HERE is where the story gets good…. As a SINGLE parent I wanted more for my son and myself in 2006 that is why I stepped up and out of my comfort zone to build a Skincare business. Has it been a walk in the park?? OMG is has been the most frighten roller coaster ride of my LIFE?

I failed the first 2 years lost a lot of money and many AMAZING lessons learnt. Did I give up? Yes I did, then I was awaken once again in 2011 and said ” this product is amazing and it has to be shared with women of Australia”.

So here is are November 2013 and have launched my 3rd branding of Door of Youth Skincare.

Offering YOU a 30 day trial for $9.00, yes you do pay the balance of $130 at the end of the 30 days. The MAGIC is that within 7-21 days your skin will be renewed and you will become a FAN of this product forever.

Now can you go to Myers or David Jones buy a product then 30 days later say ” I don’t like to want my money back” NO.

Would you like to have your product delivered to your HOME? No hassles of having to go to the major shops and fight it get a park to then wonder around searching for what you saw advertised on TV. Only to be disappointed a month later that your skin is the same and you have spent SO much money on this Skincare and it then sits in the bathroom cupboard not being used!!

Ladies NOW it is your time to STEP up and enter Door of Youth.

I am writing this from my iPad this morning at now 6.20am as I felt the need to share.

Comment below, ask me a question about your skin concerns and join my fans.

Do you have a dream, have a WHY ?

With persistence the dream becomes REAL.

I look forward to sharing more about my story, have you claimed your free EBook ” love the true you in 21 days” go get it now on the home page.

Have a youthful day

Debbie Majella

Debbie Majella October 2014 Debbie Majella October 2013