Attending high school my uniform was BROWN Tunic and BEIGE shirt with a tie that if I recall was a lovely shade of BROWN. Is that why I always felt so DULL and DOWN as this uniform was a BIG part of my life for 4 years and many days looking at the DULL boring BROWN Colour.

In my mid 20’s I was introduced to “Colour Imaging” and WOW it was wonderful to discovery how COLOURS make us feel and look FABULOUS.

I then become a trainer for the company that offered “Colour Imaging” and today a service I offered as a Beauty and Image Stylist.


Everyone’s skin is composed of 3 basic pigment:

MELANIN: gives the skin a brownish appearance.

HEMOGLOBIN: a red colour with blue undertones.

CAROTENE: a yellow-orange pigment with golden undertones.

These pigments combine to create the thousands of skin tones which make each of us unique. These tones also help determine the colours appropriate for you.

Every skin contains all of these colours, yet what you will be determining are the dominant tones. When you choose correct colours, look at the undertones of the skin. Your natural skin tones will help to determine what looks best on you.


Colour reflects our skin tone, when we wear the correct colours, our skin looks radiant and our features are highlighted.

Can I tell what colour suits you by just looking at you? NO the reflection in the mirror tells us as you are draped with cool/warm scarves.

What you are looking for when doing the scarf draping is clarity in the skin, lines and imperfections in the skin will be diminish and the eyes will look brighter. You will notice that certain colours lift and enhance the natural beauty and others will make them look years older.


Would have been about 3 years back I did a video for marketing. When I viewed it I was shocked to see how OLD I was looking. I had a black dress on with a beautiful coloured scarf and fabulous earring (love my earrings).

I thought the colours in the scarf where my COOL Colours as my eye was drawn to the turquoise and pink tones. Yet the major base colours where WARM and this reflected on the skin which aged me. TAKE 2 and that scarf is now used when I offer Colour Imaging so ladies can see the impact.


Colours play a big part in our self- esteem. When I am styling ladies one of the questions I ask is “when you are feeling down or that time of the month, what colours do you wear?” Many times they are wearing the wrong colours, as they feel average. This is when we wear our “POP COLOUR” and the correct lipstick too so we can sparkle!


Ladies from the boardroom to the bedroom you want to be noticed. Now there are times when you have to wear a professional style for that corporate meeting, this is when you wear your best lingerie, it will make you feel sexy which will lift your confidence & self-esteem.

As I am in my “Flirty Fifties” and want to feel fabulous all the time, I dress each day to make me feel sexy. Like today in my office writing this blog, I have my black lacy sexy bra and panties as I want to feel fabulous for my day ahead. Also have a dress and my long pearl earrings on.

I am a DIY kind of designer woman. On Sunday I was onto a DIY project at home and had to visit Bunnings. Now what I had on was black short with nice frill on the bottom and striped pink/black top and didn’t want to get changed. So added some pink lip gloss, pick sun hat and pink sandals and off to Bunnings I went J