Exfoliate to renew the skin…..

Facial Exfoliation: What Is It?

Although most people understand the importance of keeping skin clean, for many, the concept of facial exfoliation is a foreign one. While cleansing your skin on a daily basis may rid the skin of dirt and oil, it doesn’t necessarily act as a facial rejuvenator or help unclog pores the way exfoliation does.

Here are 10 Benefits of Exfoliation

  1. Exfoliation creates a radiant, glowing complexion. Yes, cleansing can help rid the skin of dirt and oil, but exfoliation is what makes skin really gleam with health.
  2. Exfoliation helps moisturizer work more effectively. Moisturizer on skin that isn’t exfoliated really just sits on the surface. If you want the moisturizer to really sink in, exfoliating the skin is the best way to do it.
  3. Exfoliation prepares the skin for make-up. By helping to even out skin texture, exfoliation helps make-up go on as smoothly as possible.
  4.  Exfoliation helps unclog poresand draws out impurities. Cleansers can only go just so deep in terms of getting out gunk, but exfoliators really get in there to decongest pores.
  5. Exfoliation is anti-aging. Exfoliation revitalizes skin, promoting ageless beauty.
  6. Exfoliation provides an instant glow. If you’ve never exfoliated your skin before, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it improves the look of your skin. By unclogging pores, exfoliation provides an instant glow.
  7. Exfoliation inspires rejuvenated skin. Do an exfoliation “before and after” of your skin and we think you’ll find that the “after” shows your skin is seriously revitalized!
  8. Exfoliation helps smooth the skin. You know how rocks are polished to a smooth surface to use in jewellery? That’s kind of how skin exfoliation works in terms of smoothing the skin.
  9. Exfoliation is great for the skin on your body. Just as facial exfoliation helps prepare the skin for make-up or moisturizer, exfoliation for the skin on your body helps prepare it for moisturizing as well.
  10. Exfoliation helps to prepare the skin for self-tanner. If you’ve ever tried to self-tan without exfoliating first, you probably know that you’ll end up with giant streaks instead of a nice, even tan. The next time you decide to self-tan, prepare your skin by exfoliating really well! (And whatever you do, you want to avoid tanning beds, which only can increase your risk of skin cancer and lead to premature aging!)

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The double exfoliating action of the Botanical Exfoliator is achieved through AHA and BHA helping to loosen the bonds between dead epidermal cells which are then sloughed away by the Sandalwood and Tea Tree Powder granules. Antioxidant and soothing properties help to protect newly revealed cells leaving the skin with a smooth, refreshed texture and appearance.

After cleansing pat skin dry and massage a small amount of Exfoliator over the entire face in gentle circular motions avoiding the lips and eye area. Can be left on the skin for a minute after massaging in to allow the AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) to continue exfoliating. Use a dampened soft cloth or rinse with tepid to cool water to remove all traces of exfoliating granules and until tingling sensations can no longer be felt. The absorption of active ingredients will be enhanced once dead skin cells are removed. Use once a week or as needed.

*Avoid direct sunlight for minimum 6 hours after use. It is common to experience a tingling sensation and mild flushed appearance after use. Remove product if you experience any discomfort. Do not apply to broken skin.