I am having an Affair !!

A Woman of Discovery that is who I am.

I have to tell the truth and it may shock you. I am having an affair and so much in love not sure if I can tell my husband. I am sharing it with you, I am having an affair with ME.

Love the TRUE you in 21 days, I wrote this ebooklet 6000 words so an easy read late 2103. What was the reason behind writing this?

I wanted to share how we can change our life if we change our mind set, our words we speak and self-development on a daily base it what makes a difference.

We can do this in 21 days……. Last year I had an awakening and realised I have stopped loving myself. Always giving time to others, as a single parent from when my son was 5 months old, he is now 24 and I am a very proud mother of my tattoo son. Working in the beauty profession always caring and giving to my clients. A mother, a friend a daughter, sister, always placing people before me.

I did some mind mapping, where a person gets a piece of paper and list all the qualification they have, career to date, achievements and much more.

Was I happy yes I was though a resentment started to breed inside of me. Resentment of always giving and not receiving, my love tank was empty and I still kept giving.

Have a love affair with yourself and how to look fabulous at ANY AGE.
Recall the time when you first feel in love, how old where you, can you remember the thrill of seeing that person, talking with that person the butterflies you felt in your stomach, the heart beating faster, adrenaline racing.

What is stopping us from having this feeling and love affair with yourself, each and every day of our lives without that feeling of resentment and not worthy?

There is a person who is stopping us and that person is YOU and your self-esteem.

While we are here I want to share a little with you.


• Look in the mirror and say “I Love you” and you are amazing

• YOU were born to shine in life

• YOU were born to be whoever you choose to BE

• YOU were born to be a wonderful mother, sister, wife

I am attractive

I am confident

I am super woman

I am successful

The TRUE Beauty shines from within when we activate this all will follow

• Eat healthy
• Exercise
• Laugh
• LOTS of water
• Balance in life
• Care for your skin us natural organic rich in GYLCOLIC

Laugh out loud – dance like no one is watching – Be Selfish
Take the time for you every day or night

Where to start?

Contact Debbie for Free copy “Love the True in 21 days” ebooklet.



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