Renew your Face & Body for the spring.


Looking wrinkled

Looking tired a few to many wrinkle on the face and body?

We are two weeks into spring, I hear in conversation people are spring cleaning the house opening the windows letting the FRESH air dance though the house.  We are starting to shred the winter layers & wear light spring clothes. Then we see our dry dull skin on our legs, arms, everywhere, what to do??

The Body:Dry body brushing to assist with circulation, cellulite,remove the dead skin cells and dry skin to revitalize.

Buy a dry body brush from health food store. Every day before your shower dry brush the body from the toes working up the legs inner / outer thighs, stomach, arms every where except the face. Then have a shower using an organic soap or body wash. Pat he skin dry so still damp and apply a light oil, grape seed or almond oil to the body, to save time get a spray bottle for the oil, then massage into skin. Do this for 21 days and you will have a healthy fresh skin on your body.

The Face:How is your skin looking? Fresh as the spring air or dull like the winter chill? Is your skin dull, fine lines appearing, open pores, scar tissue & pigmentation issues? You can Refresh your skin today there are 2 areas to great results NOW!!

The best facial treatment to revitalize the skin is a microdermabrasion, with crystals not diamond head. This will remove the build up of dead skin cells; stimulate the elastin & collagen in the middle layer of the skin. Your skin will glow after great results seen instantly. (gold coast readers visit my home clinic for a micro facial $50)

Home program: Now let’s have a look at the Skincare you are using.

Is the Skincare over 12 months old? Time to through in bin. Does your skincare have any Glycolic to revitalize the skin & what percentage if not written on the label means very low. Needs to be 5% to 15 % to get results.

It is time to step into The Door of Youth 3 step 3 minute skincare. High in glycolic up to 12.5% natural & organic plus a 30 day MONEY BACK OFFER. So go on order your pack today go to shop now.

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