The Youthful Queen Journey

Why did I develop a skincare range in 2006? Interesting question to ask myself this today in September 2012.

With my 26 years working in the beauty profession seeing women spending lots of money on products that where chemical based and no results seen. I had to do something. Crazy to see a woman spends $100 on one product and a week after using no change in the skin.

There was a need for natural & organic products that gave results & were affordable. So I stepped up and did it, why not I said to myself. April 2011 re launched The Door of Youth Skincare branded as TDOY skincare.

I love TDOY a simple 3 step 3 minute skincare product to ladies from all walks of like & ages, at a price you can afford.

So excited to be launching The Youthful Queen Mentoring Programs for women in October will be inspiring and uplifting, watch this space.

For today here are the benefits of using TDOY skincare and 2 videos to view.

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Have a Youthful Day


The Benefits of TDOY Skincare

Our products
• All natural and organic ingredients
• Smoothes and softens skin texture
• Improves pigmentation
• Diminishes fine lines and scar tissue
• Brings a natural glow and even tone to the skin
• Refines the appearance of pores
• Softens and repairs acne-prone skin

We offer a 30 day money back if no results seen within the 21 days

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