Smooth skin great canvas for make-up

It is vital to have smooth skin when applying make-up. We get a build up of dead skin cells every month and when applying foundation or tinted moisturiser the skin feels dry and the canvas looks dull.
Glycolic Acids have caused a sensation recently as anti-wrinkle active ingredients, glycolilc can loosen the intercellular ‘glue’, allowing new cells to come through more rapidly and stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin.

Glycolic acids help remove the surface skin cells, improving skin texture and color. Skin is left feeling plump and glowing as the new skin layers are revealed.
One of the key ingredients is “Glycolic derived from sugar cane”. The Foaming Cleanser is 5%, sugar cane is the natural source for glycolic.

If you want a smooth looking skin use a product that is made from sugar cane, this has the smallest molecule of all the glycolic acids, there is also fruit and milk derived glycolic.

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